Standing atop more than half a century of collegiate excellence, Monarch athletics looks to its past to honor some of the outstanding men and women who have displayed a sincere commitment to the green and gold. Induction categories for the Hall include former athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, and teams, taken from the wealth of talented men and women who have moved forward to both outstanding Olympic and professional levels, as well as those who moved to other careers, utilizing the athletic discipline learned at Valley College as the foundation for their success.

     The Hall is the dream of Chuck Ferrero, a former football coach and athletic director at Valley College. With more than three decades of dedication to athletics, Mr. Ferrero has oftentimes spoken about the need for a Hall. "It's important for today's student-athletes to be able to look for motivation not only with their peers and current successful athletes, but be given the opportunity to look back at some of the fine role models who preceded them at Valley College. We've been very fortunate to have had a large number of highly talented athletes play for some exceptionally talented teams, led by uniquely qualified coaches, some of whom who have moved on to gain national attention. On another level, the Hall sends the message that once an athlete moves from Valley College, he/she remains in the Monarch family."

     The Hall of Fame project is spearheaded by alumnus Paul Sabolic, a Monarch football player who, in 1967, was selected as a Junior College All-American. In 2005, Mr. Sabolic launched an aggressive fundraising campaign to secure donations from friends and alumni as well as sponsorships from businesses. "The Athletic Hall is a great way to bring back those who have come through the college's athletic program. We are hoping that this relationship-building with this segment of the alumni and former staff will lead to bigger and better things for Los Angeles Valley College."